What is disinfectant mist fogging?

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What is disinfectant mist fogging? Have you ever heard of disinfectant fog misting? Disinfectant fog misting is a very effective tool for the disinfection of closed and open spaces, as…


What is disinfectant mist fogging? Have you ever heard of disinfectant fog misting?

Disinfectant fog misting is a very effective tool for the disinfection of closed and open spaces, as it helps in the elimination of pathogens that can be found in the environment such as viruses, fungi and bacteria.

In times of pandemic, the disinfectant fog has become the most effective option for cleaning homes and offices, because in addition to saving time, it is more effective than other methods for disinfecting environments.
Would you like to know more about this novel mechanism for purifying spaces?

In today’s article, we discover more about disinfectant fog misting, and why it is one of the best alternatives to sanitize your environments.

What is disinfectant fogging?

The disinfectant fog nebulization is a method of sterilization of spaces, which by means of a machine called nebulizer, is able to disinfect environments by spraying disinfectant liquid in tiny drops, thus forming a cloud that completely disinfects the place.

This is how this method provides a clean area of contaminating agents, stopping the transmission of diseases. At this point, it is vital to clarify that its effect is not only limited to surfaces, but also helps to clean the air of the place.

Benefits of disinfectant mist fogging

You may have some doubts about whether it is worth using a disinfectant fogger or not.

It is a new method, therefore, it is normal that you have some limitation towards its use; however, we must tell you that resorting to disinfectant fog nebulization can be really beneficial for you.

Don’t you believe us?

Check out this list of reasons why you should request this disinfection service:

  • Total disinfection: Provides precise sterilization in public or closed places, regardless of environmental conditions.
  • Goodbye to pathogens: Guarantees the elimination of environmental pathogens such as mold, bacteria, fungi and viruses, decreasing the risk of disease.
  • Environmentally friendly: It does not contaminate the environment, so its use is totally safe and biodegradable.
  • Greater safety in environments: It helps to create cleaner common spaces free of contaminating agents.
  • No residues: It leaves no trace of disinfectant residues, and the environment remains completely dry.

How does disinfection with foggers work?

Now… How are disinfections of environments carried out with foggers?

Before talking about the process, it is important to keep in mind that the doses of disinfectant and the use of products regulated by the sanitary system are of great importance for the work.

Let’s remember that this is a professional service, so regulation is vital to offer good results, and safe spaces.

But how does disinfection with foggers work?

First of all, before spreading the disinfectant, the area must be evacuated; and the person in charge must wear protection, to avoid breathing the chemical while spreading it all over the area where it will be applied.

Foggers work by means of electric motors, which are powerful enough to pump large quantities of disinfectant mist. Thus, the entire space will be covered with the product.

After some time, the disinfectant will take effect on the surfaces reached; eliminating all traces of microorganisms that may exist in the environment and leaving a totally sterilized space.

When the mist dissipates, the area can be accessed without any problem, but following the indications of the qualified personnel and avoiding entering the space too soon.

And that’s all, it is that easy to have pathogen-free spaces with disinfectant fogging.


How can you hire a disinfectant fog misting service?

Would you like to sanitize your environments and avoid diseases caused by pathogenic agents?

We have already known the disinfectant fog nebulization, and all it can do for you and your environments; and surely you would like to know how you can acquire this disinfection service.

The answer is more than clear: We Care Master Service.

In We Care Master Service, we offer you a complete service of disinfection by nebulization, taking care of your environments and making them safer.

Do not neglect your environments, and protect your health with We Care Master Service.

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