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How and why disinfect my workplace? How long has it been since you’ve cleaned the place where you work? Having a clean and disinfected workspace is vital to bring good results,…


How and why disinfect my workplace? How long has it been since you’ve cleaned the place where you work?

Having a clean and disinfected workspace is vital to bring good results, and in today’s article, we will learn how you can achieve this.

Why you should disinfect your workplace

Believe it or not, disinfecting your workplace can be the best investment you can make for your well-being at work.

When you decide to disinfect the place where you work on a daily basis, you will be able to generate an improvement in the premises; and if you haven’t done it yet, check this list of reasons why you should start doing it.

Reducing the risk of contracting an infection or disease

It is possible to find viruses on almost every surface, and now in the midst of a pandemic, this situation is aggravated and the risk of catching a possible infection increases; that is why it is vital to seek alternatives to prevent viruses (especially COVID-19) to continue to spread.

Disinfecting spaces where there are objects, surfaces and furniture that come into contact with different people is part of the solution to this problem; and if it is an office, you will considerably reduce the risk of you or your coworkers contracting an infection.

Longer service life for electronic equipment

Did you know that disinfecting your office can help your electronic equipment?

If you do not regularly clean your workplace, dirt and dust will accumulate on all surfaces, which, in addition to harming your health, could damage the electronic equipment you have in place.

When dust accumulates on this equipment, it is possible that they start to fail, and we are not only talking about smaller objects such as computers or telephones; larger devices such as printers, photocopiers or air conditioners are also affected, since in addition to being at risk from dust, they are not elements that can be cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis due to their size.

So the most sensible thing to do to protect the objects in your office is to opt for a complete disinfection service; you must believe us when we tell you that, if they could talk, the equipment in your workplace will thank you for it.

Increased labor productivity

A clean and disinfected office equals a healthy and motivated employee.

Of course, a clean and germ-free space will reduce the risk of employees getting sick, and the pace of work will not be affected; but in addition to this, a clean work environment will help in the level of motivation.

No one wants to work in a messy and dirty place, because, apart from the fear of getting sick, the carelessness in the work environment does not generate in the employee the need to perform efficiently and show their full potential.

How to disinfect your workplace

Ready to disinfect your workplace?

Although in many cases the help of a professional cleaning agency is recommended, you can follow this small WHO routine to keep your workplace disinfected.

  1. Identify which objects and surfaces have the most contact, i.e., the items that are handled the most (door handles, telephones, etc.).
  2. Use neutral soaps or disinfectants for cleaning.
  3. Proceed to disinfect with products that do not cause toxic effects, and that contain bleach, alcohol or chlorine.

Remember to use gloves and a mask in the process, and to do it at least twice a week.


Do you want to disinfect and deep clean your workplace?

Although in this article we gave some tips on how you can disinfect your workplace on your own, it is important to know that sometimes professional help is needed when cleaning an environment as frequented as a workspace.

Whether due to lack of time or not having the necessary tools, doing the cleaning job yourself can be complex; that is why it is best to look for a professional cleaning team to clean, tidy and, most importantly, disinfect your workplace.

Do you need special workplace cleaning services? Contact us.

At We Care Master Service, we specialize in professional cleaning and disinfection processes, giving optimal results and leaving your work spaces spotless.

Take care of your health and your employees with We Care Master Service.

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