How to collect and dispose of waste correctly

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How to collect and dispose of waste correctly? Protect the environment, learn how to collect and dispose of waste. It is no secret that waste has become a problem for…


How to collect and dispose of waste correctly? Protect the environment, learn how to collect and dispose of waste.

It is no secret that waste has become a problem for mankind for several centuries; where every day millions of wastes are thrown into the environment, contaminating ecosystems and altering the life of the species that live there.

For this reason, knowing how to collect waste and group it for disposal is a fundamental task to prevent more ecosystems from being affected.

Would you like to contribute to the care of the planet?

You’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading this article, and learn with us the importance of waste collection, and some of the best tips to collect it safely.

Let’s help the planet and our ecosystems together through proper waste collection.

What is waste?

When we talk about waste, we refer to any material that is discarded by a person after losing its usefulness; and that in turn can be in liquid, solid and gaseous state.

There are different types of waste, which can be classified:

  1. According to their biodegradable composition:
    This group is determined by organic waste, which can decompose very quickly and serve as nutrients to the soil; and by inorganic waste, which are materials that take years to decompose, thus damaging the entire environment.
  2. According to its origin:
    Waste varies according to its place of origin, which is classified into 4 zones: household, municipal, hospital, construction, and industrial.
  3. According to its composition:
    The composition of waste speaks to what makes it up, and in solid waste, the classification by composition is as follows: Cardboard, glass, paper, plastic, batteries, and metal.

An interesting fact is that due to the problem of how to dispose of waste, several countries have adopted the classification of garbage by type, thus facilitating its reuse and disposal, which has helped to give a second life to many discarded materials.


How to collect waste?

Now, you may already know what waste collection is, but… How can you collect it?

Let’s remember that waste collection is extremely important for proper waste management, and by implementing a proper strategy, we can execute a smart action plan to dispose of waste safely.

Follow these 3 steps, and learn how to collect waste quickly and efficiently:

  1. First, reduce the consumption of those products you don’t need or substitute them for another brand with other more environmentally friendly packaging.
  2. On the other hand, start recycling those containers, papers, cardboard, etc.; giving them a new useful life and preventing them from being polluting agents for the environment.
  3. Classify your garbage by type, so that the collection centers can quickly sort the waste for further processing.

Tips for waste disposal

Collecting waste in your home is a task that never ends, since every day garbage is produced and discarded that could have a second life; that is why we will give you these tips to collect waste that you can put into practice:

  • Compost to make better use of your organic waste and create a mineral-rich soil.
  • Recycle and sort your garbage, giving a new useful use to those inorganic materials that may represent a problem for everyone.
  • Reduce the consumption of products with plastic packaging, such as bags and bottles; because this material represents a serious issue for marine animals.
  • Buy homemade products or those with biodegradable packaging, because these products have a low polluting impact on the environment.

As you have already seen, collecting waste is a task where we all put a grain of sand for a common goal.

Therefore, it is of vital importance to create relevant actions in households and commercial industries, to avoid more dangers and deplorable conditions for the environment.

At We Care Master Service, we are fully committed to the green movement. Therefore, in each of our cleanings, we take care of the correct collection and disposal of waste according to our safety protocols for human health and the environment.

We know that raising awareness is a necessity, our planet needs us.

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