How to clean your carpets and rugs effectively?

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It’s time to clean your carpets and rugs and leave them looking like new! Let’s face it, how long have you not cleaned your carpets and rugs? Possibly the answer…


It’s time to clean your carpets and rugs and leave them looking like new!

Let’s face it, how long have you not cleaned your carpets and rugs?

Possibly the answer has two options: You don’t remember when you last cleaned them, or genuinely, you never have.

In addition to the aesthetic plane, carpets and rugs are elements that must be cleaned regularly. Not only because they can change the essence of a room in a radical way; but, in addition, cleaning them is part of their care and prevents them from being an accumulation of dust, dirt and bacteria.

Would you like to know how you can clean, like a professional, your rugs and carpets?

You came to the right place.

Keep reading, because in today’s article we will teach you some infallible tricks to clean and take care of your carpets and rugs.

Effective tricks to clean and care for your carpets and rugs

Ready to give your carpets and rugs special care?

Pay attention to the following tricks, and learn how you can clean your carpets and rugs like a pro.

Help yourself with the vacuum cleaner

Start the routine of cleaning your carpets and feellike it with the vacuum cleaner.

Although the vacuum cleaner alone is not enough to completely clean your carpets and rugs, it is a good way to lift the layers of dirt on objects.

So plug it in, and slowly pass it over your carpets and rugs. You will not get wonderful results, but it will help some of the dust to be absorbed; which, of course, will facilitate subsequent cleaning.

Use vinegar as a cleaning solution

As we have mentioned in other articles, the cleaning solution is one of the keys to efficient cleaning.

If you have the layout, you can create it yourself at home; You will only need some white vinegar and water.

Vinegar is really effective for cleaning aspects, and when mixed with some warm water, it will be an amazing ally to clean carpets and rugs with amazing results. 

Use a soft-bristled brush to clean carpets and rugs

Do you already have the cleaning solution?  It’s time to make our rugs and rugs shine.

At this point, our recommendation is that you use a soft bristle brush, or failing a microfiber cloth or a sponge; although we lean more towards the brush, since it will make cleaning the rugs and carpets easier and faster.

Put the cleaning solution in a container, and put the brush that you will pass through the carpet or the mat so that it gets wet; Then run it across the carpet in a straight line and in only one direction, and leave the edge for the end.

Don’t forget to rinse

Believe it or not, many people completely forget to rinse their carpets and rugs after applying a cleaning product; this can cause them to be permanently damaged, and nobody wants that.

So once you brush your rugs and carpets with the cleaning solution, fill a bowl with tap water, and with the help of a microfiber cloth, gently rub the surface to remove the cleaning mixture.

The drying process and the importance of draining

If you do not drain your rugs and carpets, they will take on a bad smell and there will still be cleaning product inside.

That is why you should take the time to drain them very well, and then hang them in an open space where the sun gives them directly. In this way, they will not only dry faster, you will also prevent them from concentrating bad odors and being damaged.

Seek professional help

If it is within your means, choose to hire a cleaning service that covers the washing of rugs and carpets, such as We Care Master Service.

Maybe you don’t have enough time to wash your rugs and rugs effectively, and that’s where we come in.

We offer you an incredible home cleaning service that covers all the rugs and carpets of the enclosures with excellent results, so that you clean them and keep them well cared for.

Take care of your carpets and rugs with We Care Master Service.

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