How to clean windowpanes without leaving marks?

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Forget about annoying marks on your windowpanes. You may not believe it, but cleaning windowpanes can be a challenge. If you don’t use the right methods and products, what might…


Forget about annoying marks on your windowpanes.

You may not believe it, but cleaning windowpanes can be a challenge.

If you don’t use the right methods and products, what might start out as a cleaning can easily end up as deteriorated and stained windows.

Would you like to learn how to clean windowpanes like a pro?

You’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading this article, and discover with us 7 amazing tips to clean your window panes quickly, easily and best of all: without leaving any marks on them.

7 tricks to clean window panes easy and marks

It’s time to make your windows look like new!

Follow these 7 tricks, and learn how you can clean your window panes without damaging them or leaving marks.

Create the perfect cleaning solution

It all starts with the cleaning solution, and if you want to clean your windowpanes effectively, you must have a product capable of giving you good results.

You can even make it yourself; either with white vinegar, water and lemon, or with white vinegar, water and liquid detergent. Once ready, you will only have to put them in a spray to start cleaning your windows.

Of course, you also have the option of buying one, but if you can, decide to make it at home.

Use alcohol

Are there fingerprints on your windowpanes? Use alcohol.

To remove fingerprints by touching the windows and not leave marks, dilute a little alcohol in water and put it in a spray, then apply it on the glass and dry it with newspaper or a paper towel.

And that’s it, goodbye fingerprints quickly and without leaving marks in the cleaning process.

Uses coffee filters to clean windows

Now, that’s a different way to clean window panes.

Apply the cleaning solution on your window panes, and proceed to rub with a coffee filter. We assure you that you will get flawless, lint-free, and of course, streak-free windows.

Clean your window panes on cloudy days

Did you know that it is not recommended to clean window panes on sunny days?

When you clean your window panes during sunny days, the cleaning solution will most likely evaporate prematurely, which will cause the surface of your windows to become stained and marked with highly unsightly product residues.

The best option?

Choose to clean the windows on cloudy days, this way you can let the cleaning solution act for the necessary time, and you will avoid those annoying marks.


Use of old newsprint

Newsprint for windows, simply a classic.

One of the ways to clean the window panes and not leave marks on them, is with old newsprint; and I emphasize that it must be old paper, since the ink of the new one can stain the surface of the panes.

When you use old newsprint on your windows, you can rub as many times as necessary without fear of leaving marks or scratching the glass.

But in addition to this, the newspaper leaves a small invisible layer on the windows, which will make them more resistant to dirt.

Care for the movements

One wrong move when cleaning, and your windows can become unnecessarily smudged.

If your windows are very dirty, use a porous sponge, microfiber cloth or newspaper, and wipe from top to bottom; this will help prevent water from dripping and dust from accumulating.

When we clean from the bottom up, we are only spreading the dirt, which will cause the windows to become stained.

Seek professional assistance

Do you want to clean your windows without leaving marks, but you don’t have the time to do it? Turn to a cleaning agency, turn to We Care Master Service.

We have professional cleaning services at home, using the best cleaning techniques and giving you the best results.

Take care of your spaces and get clean environments with We Care Master Service.

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